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Compassionate & Collaborative Psychological Services for Individuals, Couples & Families

Psychotherapy Services

For Individuals

Dr. Greg has extensive experience helping clients with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, eating disorders, major medical illnesses and life transitions. She also frequently works with individuals in the creative and performing arts industries. Dr. Greg works with her clients in both a short-term, solution-focused manner and in longer-term, insight-oriented and explorative psychotherapy.

For Couples

Dr. Greg has comprehensive experience working with couples facing a wide range of relationship challenges. She works with couples at all stages of their relationships on topics such as communication, intimacy, financial conflicts, co-parenting and infidelity. Dr. Greg is an effective and skilled couples psychotherapist, helping her clients learn to break through barriers and strengthen their partnerships.


Dr. Greg has considerable experience providing supervision for beginning and early-career psychotherapists and is available for consultation on eating disorders and treatment for individuals experiencing major medical illnesses. She frequently incorporates mindfulness meditation, body respect and an Intuitive Eating approach to helping people with eating and body image issues.

Practice Areas

Addiction  ◆  Anxiety & Fears  ◆  Cancer  ◆  Career Issues  ◆  Chronic Pain or Illness  ◆  Depression  ◆  Divorce  ◆  Eating Disorders  ◆  Family Conflict  ◆  Gender & Sexuality Development  ◆  Loss & Grief  ◆  Mindful Eating  ◆  Relationship Issues  ◆  Self Esteem  ◆  Self Destructive Behavior  ◆  Sex Therapy  ◆  Sexual Abuse  ◆  Sleep Issues & Insomnia  ◆  Students  ◆  Trauma & PTSD

Danielle Greg, Psy.D. - Clinical Psychologist
Danielle Greg, Psy.D. - Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Greg

Dr. Greg is a Clinical Psychologist with over 15 years of experience as a psychotherapist. She is passionate about psychotherapy and how it can help people heal, find hope and discover personal growth. Dr. Greg is actively involved in the psychology community, learning and teaching the most effective approaches to helping individuals create more  stable and fulfilling lives and relationships.

Dr. Greg received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Pepperdine University with honors – Magna Cum Laude. She earned her master’s degree in clinical psychology from California Lutheran University. Dr. Greg then returned to Pepperdine University to earn her clinical psychology doctoral degree from the Graduate School of Education and Psychology – a program accredited by the American Psychological Association. Dr. Greg spent several years as a psychotherapist at the Pepperdine Community Counseling Center before moving on to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Counseling and Wellness Services. She has also spent much of her career working with families of children with special needs and previously served as a director at an autism treatment agency.

In 2016, Dr. Greg was honored as one of Pepperdine University’s inaugural “40 Under 40 Alumni” for carrying out purpose, service and leadership in her career as a psychologist.


Contact Dr. Greg

Thank you for your interest in Dr. Greg’s services. Please contact Dr. Greg directly via phone, email or complete this form to discuss scheduling an initial consultation session.

Dr. Greg meets with her clients at her office in Calabasas and also provides online psychotherapy services for clients throughout California.

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